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Ohio Environmental Inspection and Testing specializes in comprehensive mold inspection & testing, ensuring the well-being of your property. Our detailed approach includes air and surface samples, assessing the property’s health, and devising protocols for remediation.

Reliable Mold Testing in Solon, OH

Mold can be a silent antagonist in any home or business, lurking unseen and causing health issues and structural damage. Dealing with mold is not just inconvenient; it’s a serious stressor that can impact your daily life. In Solon, OH, Ohio Environmental Inspection and Testing emerges as a beacon of hope, offering specialized mold testing and inspection services.

Our experienced team, equipped with the latest technology, conducts thorough inspections that include air and surface sampling. We not only identify the presence of mold but also assess the property’s overall health and write remediation protocols. By choosing Ohio Environmental Inspection and Testing, you’re not just getting a service; you’re securing serenity and reassurance. We ensure that your environment is safe, clean, and mold-free, restoring comfort and health to your space.


Guaranteed Mold Resolution Path

Facing mold issues can be daunting, but understanding the process and solutions available can significantly alleviate concerns. Our method involves a detailed inspection to identify mold types and affected areas, followed by a protocol for safe and effective remediation. We recommend the use of eco-friendly chemicals and botanical antimicrobials, such as the Benefect Botanical Antimicrobial product, to ensure a safe environment during and after the process. Following our approach, you’re not just removing mold; you’re preventing its return, ensuring a healthier living or working space.

Transform Your Space with Safe Steam

In Solon, OH, Ohio Environmental Inspection and Testing is dedicated to transforming your space into a mold-free environment. Our mold testing and remediation services are designed to address the root cause of mold, ensuring a thorough and lasting solution. We prioritize your health and safety, recommending eco-friendly methods to eliminate mold while preserving the integrity of your property. Choose Safe Steam for a safer, cleaner home or business.

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Eliminate mold for good and enjoy a healthier, safer space. Our eco-friendly solutions guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind.